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Babylon (べえびろん, bēbiron) is a location of the Valis series.


An area full of ancient buildings possibly made by ancient civilizations in Vanity. It's near a mountain and a lake. The mountain's part leads to the Heaven's stairway and many little people lives on Its interior. During the events of Valis IV, Lena Brande and her group had to get through the place in order to reach Valhalla, where her challenge to become the new Valis warrior awaited her. In Super Valis IV, Babylon's area was dominated by Galgear's army and It was up to Lena to freed the place from his influence.



The starting point of Babylon's area, many ruins builded long ago by ancient civilizations.

Mountain's interiorEdit

This part serves as the home of the little people that poblates Babylon. Through this part the Heaven's stairway can be reached.


This part was only shown in Super Valis IV and conforms the last half of the level. A big lake that can only be crossed by the bridges of the ruins in the place.


Babylon appeared in all the versions of Valis IV, being the second stage in the PCE-CD version and the third in the Super Famicom/SNES version.


Valis IVEdit



  • In Valis IV, the background music of Babylon was reused again in the second extra act, Sutherland.
  • In Super Valis IV, the background music of Babylon was reused again in Galgear's laboratory.
  • Babylon's name was inspired from the real ancient city constructed by the Babylonian civilization, the Super Famicom/SNES version of Valis IV's representation of the city is more faithful to the original.