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Core Guardian (こる があど, Koru Gaado) is a character from the Valis series and one of Galgear's henchmen in Valis IV.


Valis IVEdit

Core guardian was one of Galgear's followers. His origins are unknown but It's pressumed that he was a robot created by Galgear's forces to be used to expand his regime. Core guard was assigned to a hidden section of the Reddish Moon's lab, where he was found by Lena and instantly attacked her meeting his destruction.

Super Valis IVEdit

Core guardian's background story remains the same in this adaption of the game, but here he was assigned to protect the Crystal Pillar's core. As in the afformentioned version, he was destroyed by Lena with the core of the pillar itself.


Core guardian's personality isn't deffined as he doesn't have any dialogue in any version of the game. He could probably lack of a personality as he is a robot guard.


Core guardian can move with his hoovering propulsors on his body's base. He uses his spear to attack and also the launchers on his back, where he can launch bombs (in the PCE-CD version) and lasers upwards to make them fall on his opponents (in the Super Famicom/SNES version). Finally he can shot lasers from his eyes.


Core guardian appeared in all versions of Valis IV. He is the first mini-boss from the last level of the PCE-CD version and the main fifth boss in Super Valis IV at the top of the Crystal Pillar guarding Its core.



  • Core guardian has a slight resemblance to Nornil's first form from the PCE-CD version.
  • Core guardian's name wasn't known until he appeared in Super Valis IV, which manual shows his name as described in this article.
  • In Super Valis IV, although if the Crystal Pillar's core is destroyed, the Core Guard will still be moving without exploding until the transition to the next level starts.

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