Crystal Pillar
CD 37589E2C-075
The Crystal pillar's outside view as seen in the opening cutscene of Valis IV


Human World


Valis IV/ Super Valis IV

Also known as:

Crystal tower

The Crystal pillar is a location of the Valis series.


A tower created by the gods and sunk in the sea of the Human world to imprison Galgear centuries before the events of Valis IV, the crystal pillar eventually became Galgear's main base of operations during his attempted conquest of earth and the Dream world.

Many of Galgear's toughest monsters guard the inside of the pillar. It also contains spike traps, pits and moving floors, as well as freezing icicles in Super Valis IV.


Lower pillarEdit

The lower part of the pillar. With the appearance of an ice-like cave, It stores many of the traps in the tower, most of them being present in the Super Famicom/SNES version of the game.

Upper pillarEdit

Only present in the PCE-CD version, the upper part of the pillar gives a direct view of the open sky and has a purple crystal appearance. Pits are mostly present in the final part of It. This part leads to the Reddish moon.


The Crystal Pillar appeared in both versions of Valis IV, serving as the sixth (lower) and seventh (upper) levels in the PCE-CD version and as the fifth act in the Super Famicom/SNES version.


Valis IVEdit

Super Valis IVEdit



  • In accordance with censorship policies at the time of its release, the fetus-like enemies that appear in the Crystal pillar and the Reddish moon in the PCE-CD version of Valis IV were changed to balls of light for the American SFC/SNES release of Super Valis IV due to the fetus being considered taboo.
  • The Crystal pillar's story has much in common with the Crystal pillar that appears in some of the DC comics Superman's movies.

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