Dark Valis armor
Yuuko reiko suit
Yuuko wearing her Dark Valis armor as seen in the Sharp X68000 version of Valis II


Max HP: 30

Damage: 00%

Max Jewel Points: 75


Reiko Kirishima

Yuuko Asou


Valis I

Valis II

Valis SD

Valis III

Valis IV

Valis Visual Collection

Valis X

Valis Complete/Plus

The Dark Valis armor, is a suite that Reiko Kirishima and Yuuko Asou wear in the Valis series.


The dark version of the Valis armor corresponding to the one who wields the Dark Valis sword. As It namesake implies is almost similar to the original one except for Its black color and some details like the golden borders. It can also save the Fantasm Jewels on Its chest.


Alike the original armor, the Dark Valis armor also appeared in almost every game and media of the series at least one time per game. Its debut was in the first game where Reiko weared It as her Dark Valis warrior suit. In Valis II's MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp X68000 versions It's an opcional suit for Yuuko being the penultimate one she founds, It's called Reiko suit. In the PC-Engine CD version of the same game, Reiko wears It during the opening cutscene and when she appears as a ghost, same as in Valis SD. It also appears in Valis III where Reiko's illusion wears It. In Valis IV Reiko wears It in Yuuko's flashback. Reiko also wears It again in Valis X and both of Mugen Senshi Valis mangas.



  • In the home computer versions of Valis II, the Dark Valis armor is named as Reiko type suit.
  • The home computer versions of Valis II are the only ones versions of a game where Yuuko can wear the Dark Valis armor, although a red text message written by Megas explains that this suit is actually a trap, although after meeting Reiko once again, she destroys the trap curse allowing the player to use It at free will.
  • Alike the Valis armor, the Dark Valis armor seems to change some details depending on who wears It: when Reiko wears the Dark Valis armor Its almost entirely black with golden borders in the shoulders, and when Yuuko wears It, Its shoulders are smaller and gray and the rest of the armor is dark-blue colored with a white belt.

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