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Reiko holding the Dark Valis sword in the PC-88 version of Valis I



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The Dark Valis sword (だあく ヴぁりす すをおど, D'āku Varisu suwōdo) is a weapon of the Valis series.

Description and historyEdit

A slim long rapier sword, similar to the original Valis sword, but with a diferent form on Its handle.

The Dark Valis sword was created by Rogles shortly before the events of the first game, based on the power of one of the Phantasm Jewels. Shortly after, he lured Reiko Kirishima in the Dark world to convince her to use the sword he created as her bad emotions were the indicated for her to wield the sword. Seeing Its destructive power favorable for her own revenge against the Human world, she accepted to work for him and became the Dark Valis warrior. Reiko used the sword to fight against Yuuko Asou, but the Valis warrior became victorious in their battle, with the Dark Valis sword ending nailed to the ground after Reiko fell deadly wounded. Nothing more is known about Its destiny, but in the home computer versions of Valis II, when Reiko saves Yuuko from Megas she wields a sword similar to the Dark Valis sword, but with a golden handle, implying that probably the sword was clean from Its dark essence as Reiko became kind-hearted.


The Dark Valis sword posesses almost the same skills as It original counterpart: cutting, shooting and casting spells by using the powers of the Phantasm Jewels. Some of the spells casted by Reiko with this sword were a flame ring column and the Death flash. The sword also gives It user the Dark Valis armor.


The Dark Valis sword appeared in all the versions of Valis I. A similar sword that is probably a new version of the Dark Valis sword appears also used by Reiko in the home computer (MSX2,PC-88/98 and Sharp X68) versions of Valis II.




  • The handle of the Dark Valis sword is depicted sometimes in a dark-gold color with a red gem but some other times It's depicted with a black color and pointed sides.
  • Altough in Valis II Yuuko can use the Dark Valis armor, she doesn't use the Dark Valis sword.