The dream world as depicted in the Famicom/NES cover of Valis I

The Dream world (むげんかい, Mugenkai), also known as the Mystic world or Vanity, is one of the three main worlds from the Valis series and mostly always the plot's center for the entire series.


This world is mostly characterized for the existance of mystic and magic powers. It's the homeworld of many fantastic beings and also humans (that know about magic and even use It), plants and strange animals. In this world are also stored many mighty artifacts such as the Valis sword itself and the Phantasm jewels. Thus being the constant objetive of domination for many of the main antagonist from the series, being because of this the center of the plot, mostly Its most important part, the kingdom named Vanity, ending up always saved by the Valis warriors ( mostly known, Yuuko Asou and Lena Brande.

Known locationsEdit

Known inhabitantsEdit



  • Many beings of the dream world can materialize in people's dreams and talk to them, as happened with Valia or Reiko (when she became a spirit).
  • Also, dead beings with kind heart can materialize their spirits limitedly in this world as shown by Reiko again.
  • The Dream world is the most explored world of the series.
  • The Dream world is the birthplace for all the existing Valis warriors.

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