Forest area
The forest area in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I


Dream world


Valis I (Famicom/NES version only)

Also known as:

Forest ruins

The forest area, is a location from the Valis series, and the first known forestal one in the Dream world.


The forest near Vanity city. Being sparsely populated, it's a dark area with some old ruins and passages that serve to explore the area. Here some upgrades for Yuuko's equipment can be found inside the old buildings. During the events of Valis I (Famicom/NES version only), it was occupied by Rogles's army. Past this area is the Ice mountain area.



Some ruins located in the forest that contains upgrades for Yuuko.


The forest area only makes an appearance in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I, being the third area visited by Yuuko in the game and the second one in the Dream world.


Valis IEdit



  • The Forest area must not be confused with the Dark forest from the other versions of Valis I or the Els forest from Valis III.
  • Although being named the Forest area, the Els forest also exists in the Dream world, thus having no distintive name unlike the second.
  • The Forest area is the only area outside of Vanity city that has inhabitants.

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