Gaias's hideout
Gaias's hideout as seen in the SX68 version of Valis II


Dark world


Valis II (MSX2, PC-88/98 and SX68 versions only)

Also known as:

Gaiyus's cave

Gaias's hideout is a location of the Valis series exclusive to the home computer versions.


A deeply dark cave located on the outlands of the Dark world with many stone walls and floors that must be detonated with explosive in order to advance further in the cave. Some wild monsters inhabit It too. As its namesake implies, Gaias hides in the depths of this place holding a phantasm jewel during the events of Valis II.


Gaias's hideout only appeared in the MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp-X68000 versions of Valis II as the third act.



Yuuko fighting against Gaias in his hideout in the SX68 version of Valis II


  • This level and Castle Vanity are the only levels that are exclusive from their respective versions of Valis II, being Gaias's hideout exclusive to the home computer versions and Castle Vanity exclusive to the PCE-CD/TGCD version, representing in both cases, the third act.
  • This level has been known for being one of the most confusing levels in the entire series because of Its labyrinthine passages and the fact that some walls must be destroyed in order to advance.