Galgear's lab
Galgear's lab exterior as seen in Valis IV


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Galgear's lab is a location of the Valis series.


Galgear's final lair in the heart of the Reddish moon. Fulfilled with even more dangerous traps like static walls and vanishing platforms, the positions of the enemies make It even harder to get trough It. There are some sub-bosses too. In Super Valis IV, Galgear's generals are rematched along the level. Galgear waits in the end for the final challenge.



Only present in the PCE-CD version. The exterior part of the lab in the surface of the Reddish moon. Most of this part is filled with pits rather than enemies.


The interior part of the lab, similar in appearance to the entire rest of the Reddish moon's corridors, here is were the sub-bosses lies. In Super Valis IV, the interior of the lab has a more pinkish background with cell-like balls that expand and shrink.

Galgear's roomEdit

The throne room of Galgear where he has his final fight with Lena Brande, in his final form he is fought in the exterior.


Galgear's lab appears in all the versions of Valis IV as the final level regardless of Its level/act order, being the ninth in the PC-Engine CD version and the seventh one in the Super Famicom/SNES version.


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  • In both versions, Galgear's lab uses the third level's track from their corresponding version as Its background music, in the PCE-CD version It uses the Heaven Stairway track while in the SF/SNES version It uses the Babylon track.
  • In Its Super Valis IV version, Galgear's lab is the one with most boss battles from the series.
  • In Super Valis IV, Galgear's lab act is named simply as "Gallagher".