Gall's tower
Gall's tower seen in the background in the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis III


Dream World


Valis III

Also known as:

Garu tower

Gall's tower (がる の とう, Garu no tou) is a location of the Valis series.


Built in an island in the middle of the Els Forest's lake, the purposes for Its construction are actually unknown. It seemed to serve as a base for Vanity's army, having a good panoramic sight and being hardly accessible because of the water surrounding It. During the events of Valis III, Glames's army took over the tower and Its surrounding areas in an attempt to dominate Vanity commanded by Kolilanba. They also imprisoned Valna and many Vanity soldiers in the tower.


Tower's gardensEdit

The gardens in Gall's tower. Located in an upper part of the tower, they serve as an observatory and were also used by Kolilanba to imprison Valna in an Ice cube.

Tower's topEdit

The top part of the tower with the best sight. From here, Kolilanba watched the controlled territory of Glames's army, Valna also defeated him there.


Gall's tower appeared in all the versions of Valis III, being the fourth stage in the PCE-CD/TGCD version and the third in the Mega Drive/Genesis version.


Valis IIIEdit



  • Many parts of the level were changed between the versions:
    • The tower's garden part is smaller in the MD/Genesis version.
    • The tower's top part is seen from the left side in the PCE-CD/TGCD version, while in the MD/Genesis version, It's seen from the right side, the background also changes from the forest with the lake (PCE-CD/TGCD) to a mountain with an evening sky (MD/Genesis), the infrastructure of the tower's outside part also changes.
  • Also, the background music differs between versions: while in the PCE-CD/TGCD version this level uses Glames's tower background music (the "Grames no Tou" track) while in the MD/Genesis version, It uses the background music of the Dark world's cementery in the PCE-CD/TGCD (this level doesn't appear in the MD/Genesis version, and the track was renamed as "Garu no Tou").

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