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Valis I (MSX, FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp X1 versions only)



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Goor (ぐうる, Guuru) is a character from the Valis series and a member of Rogles's army in the MSX, FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp X1 versions of Valis I.


Like many of his peers, Goor was recruited by Rogles at an unknown point of the past before the events of the first game.

During the aforementioned game, Rogles gave him a phantasm jewel and sent him to guard the West Volsedom area. Yuuko found him shortly after entering the area and they engaged in battle. Goor died after the fight.


Little to nothing is known about Goor's personality. He seems to be one of Rogles's best henchmen as he is fought as one of the final bosses in all the versions of the game where he appears.


Goor is one of the toughest bosses from the game. He is one of the fastest generals, having also a high evasion rate. He also can use his claws and shoot energy balls almost as fast as Rogles himself.


Goor appeared only in the MSX, FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp X1 versions of Valis I as the third boss in the MSX version and the seventh boss (Act 7, West Volsedom) in the rest of the versions.



  • In all the versions of the game where he appears, Goor is fought always before Reiko.
  • Goor is the only one of all the generals from the home PC versions of Valis I to have artwork.
  • Although at first glance Goor looks like a werewolf, in his artwork he looks more like a jackal or a coyote.
  • While in the MSX version Goor's fur is bright red and his cape is blue, in the rest of the versions they are colored inversely (his fur is blue and his cape is red).

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