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Hammer Guarder (はま がだ, Hama gada) is a character from the Valis series and a member of Glames's army during the events of Valis III.


Hammer Guarder was one of Glames's henchmen. His master decided to invade both the Human and Dream worlds in order to save the inhabitants of the Dark world and prove his power.

Hammer Guarder commanded a squad of monsters to Tokyo city and was also sent to chase and capture Cham, whose father was killed by Glames himself. In a moment of neglect, Cham was captured by him shortly after taking the Valis sword from Yuuko and finding her. Yuuko saw this and went to rescue Cham searching for Hammer Guarder. They finally encountered once again and engaged in battle. Hammer Guarder was defeated by Yuuko who also freed Cham after his defeat.


The few lines of dialogue he has in the game shows Hammer Guarder to be arrogant and presumptuous about himself.


Hammer Guarder can levitate. In offense abilities, he can throw many small spinning axes toward his enemies and attacks with a morning star.


Hammer Guarder only appeared in Valis III (all versions) where he commands an invasion to the Human world under orders of Glames. He is the first boss in all the versions of the game.



  • In the background of the scene where the player fights against Hammer Guarder, a luminous poster that shows the game distributors logo. In the PCE-CD/TGCD version It shows NEC's logo while in the MD/Genesis, It shows Renovation's logo.
  • Hammer Guarder has some things in common with Rogles:
    • They both use a big large coat that covers their entire bodies.
    • They both have their faces covered by a metallic mask.
    • In Valis III, they have the same eye colour.
    • They both can levitate.
    • They both use a morning star as one of their weapons.
  • Though, unlike Rogles, Hammer Guarder doesn't show his body's appearance under his coat.

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