Hess Gildr
Hess Gildr's artwork from the Famicom/NES manual of Valis I








Valis I (Famicom/NES version only)



origin world

Dark world

Also known as

Hesgild, Snake

Hess Gildr '(へす ぎるど, Hesu Girudo) is a character from the Valis series and a member of Rogles's army in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I.


Hess Gildr was recruited by Rogles time before the events of the first game.

During Valis I, Hess Gildr was given a Phantasm jewel and sent to guard the Forest area by his master. After Yuuko entered and got through the area, she had to confront Hess Gildr in order to advance. They started to fight and the Valis warrior became victorious against Hess Gildr who died at her hands and had his Phantasm jewel taken by her.


Nothing about Hess Gildr's personality is known. He seems to be, like all of his pairs, a loyal general of Rogles.


Hess Gildr can dig on earth to attack his enemies from there. To do so, he spins in multiple direction and while doing this, he can shot energy balls from his mouth spreading them in multiple directions. He is only vulnerable when he isn't underground.


Hess Gildr only appeared in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I as the second boss, he guards the Forest area, the player is awarded with the second Phantasm jewel and the access to the Snow mountain area.



  • Hess Gildr is the only one of Rogles's generals in this version of the game to haven't appeared in the trailer.
  • Although Hess Gildr is depicted in his artwork as a snake with a body with many heads and even arms and legs, in the game he is seen as a regular giant snake.
  • Dragon from Valis III has some similarities with Hess Gildr, althought while Hess Gildr is fought in the ground, Dragon is fought in a lake.

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