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Koliranba, Koriranbu, Korilamber



Kolilanba (こりらんば, Koriranba) is a character from the Valis series and a member of Glames's army during the events of Valis III.


Kolilanba was one of Glames's henchmen. When Glames decided to invade both the Human world and the Dream world to save his world's people (Dark world) from the void and (truthfully) prove his power to the gods, Kolilanba was sent along with Hozegonzaresu and Dragon to take over the Dream world in name of Glames. He and his partners weakened Vanity's army and took princess Valna as a prisoner in the Gall's tower. When Yuuko and Cham realized this, they made their way to the tower and freed Valna. After Valna was freed from her prison, Yuuko and Cham had to reunite while she went to face Kolilanba, who realized that she escaped and fought against her. He was successfully beaten by Valna.


Little is known about Kolilanba's personality. He is seen to be one of Glames's most efficient generals as he was sent to lead the invasion to Vanity with Hozegonzaresu and Dragon under his command and also captured Valna. He shows to be very responsible and loyal to Glames.


Kolilanba shows to be a good wizard. He can levitate and transport quickly in the air. He can spread flames in different directions when teleporting and throw fire in the air and the ground in different patterns.


Kolilanba appears in all the versions of Valis III, being the fourth boss in the PCE-CD/TGCD version and the third boss in the Mega Drive/Genesis version at the top of the Gall's tower. He is only faced by Valna.



  • Kolilanba's physical appearance is drastically changed between versions. While in the PCE-CD/TGCD version he has a white coat with an astronaut-like helmet and a black visor, in the Mega Drive/Genesis version he has a dark blue armor body with white eyes and a red coat.
  • The battlefield where Valna faces him also changes between versions. In the PCE-CD/TGCD version it has two pits by both left and right side of the screen having the risk of dying if the player falls from there, but in the Mega Drive/Genesis version such pits aren't present making the fight easier.
  • Kolilanba is the only boss exclusively fought by Valna in the entire game and series.
  • As many wizards have a particular natural element for their spells (such as Izard with wind), Kolilanba has fire as his main element.
  • In his PCE-CD/TGCD appearance, Kolilanba shows to have normal human hands, meaning that he is possibly a human wizard like Izard.
  • In his MD/Genesis appearance, Kolilanba resembles Hozegonzaresu who only appears in the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis III.