Leethus armor
Yuuko wearing the Leethus armor in the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II





Yuuko Asou


Valis II

Valis SD/Syd of Valis

Valis Visual Collection

Valis Complete/Plus

The Leethus armor is an armor worn by Yuuko Asou in the Valis series.


The armor worn by the wielders of the Leethus sword, a red and golden armor with a white and blue loincloth and a golden tiara with a thunder-shaped horn. Yuuko gets it toward the end of the games, much like the Ultimate Valis armor.


The Leethus armor appeared for the first time in the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II and Valis SD in replacement of the Ultimate Valis armor. Yuuko got it along with the Leethus sword given to her by Juda and Valia's servants. She wore it to fight Megas and his army. The Leethus armor returned in Valis III this time worn by Glames, the antagonist and wielder of another version of the Leethus sword.



  • As the Leethus sword has yet to get a new wielder, there is no new version of the Leethus armor.
  • Yuuko wears the Leethus armor in the cover of issue #8 of the magazine PC Engine Fan and in the cover artwork of The Valis World artbook.
  • Yuuko is the only female wearer of the Leethus armor to this date.

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