Leethus sword
The Leethus sword as seen in the ending cutscene from the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II



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Valis II (PCE-CD/TGCD version only)

Valis III

Valis Visual Collection

Valis Complete/Plus

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The Valis world (artbook)

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The Leethus sword (れえたす の 剣, reetasu no ken) is a weapon of the Valis series.

Description and historyEdit

A wide huge heavy sword with a golden handle and a red squared gem.

Created along with the Valis sword as its twin, its original purpose was to protect the three worlds from the evil entities that menace them being inherited from generation to generation to a different wielder.

During the events of Valis II (PCE-CD/TGCD version), Juda and her servants gave Yuuko a version of the Leethus sword (thus giving her also the Leethus armor) to fight against Megas short before going to his domains. After making her way to his castle and defeating him and his army, Yuuko went to her home once again leaving the sword on the way.

In Valis III, Glames wields the Leethus sword and uses his power in an attempt to take over the Dream world and the Human world as the Dark world was being destroyed by the Void. He used the sword to fight his last battle against Yuuko and lost. Before dying he gave Yuuko the sword and asked her to take care of it; Yuuko accepted afterwards. After this nothing more is known about the Leethus sword as it was never mentioned or referred in Valis IV but it's assumed that Yuuko still stores it waiting for a worthy successor.


Being the sister sword of the Valis sword, it has the same skills but with few variations. Its slash waves are wider and its range is longer but in turn it's heavier. It also gives its user the Leethus armor, spell-casting abilities and can perceive events involving the Valis sword.


A version of the Leethus sword appeared in the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II wielded by Yuuko after the first half of the game. Another version appears in Valis III wielded by Glames.




  • The Leethus sword is completely golden in Valis II while in Valis III, it's all silver with a golden handle and a red gem.
  • In contradiction with the Valis sword's wielders, all the known wielders of the Leethus sword are men, except for Yuuko (although she doesn't use the sword but guards It).
  • The Leethus sword was renamed as Lassas in the American version of Valis III.

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