Megas's beasts, are a group of beasts used by Megas in his army in the MSX2, PC-88/98 and SX68 versions of Valis II. They seem lack from any intelligent personality.



Sondern (そんでるぬ, Sonderunu), a multiple headed beast and the biggest of Megas's ones. It attacked Yuuko in the entrance to Vanity but is defeated by her shortly afterwards. His many heads can shot acid bullets to their objetives and can regenerate if given time to do so, if they don't do, the true head will emerge to attack.


Bazoon (べいずん, Beizuun), a large worm-like cyclope beast. It guarded Megas's base and was defeated by Yuuko just before finding Megas and Valia. It grows from the wall and attacks by sending Its own larvas, the more It grows, the harder It's damage It.


Ajie (あじえ, Ajie), A torch-like beast. It guards Megas's final hideout's first line. It attacks by shoting highly fast many of the whisp enemies from the level and also fire. It can guard with Its three blue coloured mini-torchs.


Kilbayd (きるべいど, Kirubeido), A centipede-like beast. It guards Megas's final hideout's second line. It attacks by transporting into energy balls in different parts of the battlefield, Its weakpoint is Its head.


All of them appear in the MSX2, PC-88/98 and SX68 versions of Valis II. Sondern appears as the boss from act 2. Bazoon appears as the boss from act 5, and Ajie and Killbayd appears as sub-bosses from act 6 before facing Megas.



  • Sondern is the only boss from the entire series to be fought in the ground while the screen scrolls.
  • Sondern is the boss with most heads in the entire series, with at least more than five.
  • Sondern's true head is notably bigger in the PC-88/98 version and has a longer neck.
  • Bazoon's form is sometimes a subject of joke among some fans because of Its genital-like appearance.
  • If the player gets quickly near to the wall from where Bazoon merges and then crouchs and attacks, Bazoon can be defeated quickly.
  • If the player defeats Ajie's main body and didn't damage his blue mini-torches, even thought the portal to the next part of the level opens, the torches are still there static but acts as enemies, the player can defeat them if It wants.
  • Althought Kilbayd's head is destroyed, before appearing in the next part of the level, his remaining body will continue moving normally.

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