Megas's castle
Megas's castle from the PCE-CD version of Valis II


Dark world


Valis II

Also known as:

Megas's castle

Megas's castle is a location of the Valis series.


Megas's main fortress. Filled with his most deadly soldiers and obstacles, It's a true masterpiece of technology. In the home computer versions, Its entrance and exterior parts look more alike a normal castle while It's deeps interiors look more technologic with many devices like elevators and ventilation tubes while in the PCE-CD version It's entirely technological and It's final room leads to an elevator that goes directly to Megas himself.



A mostly normal castle part guarded mostly by soldiers with hard to reach platforms and many fake exits. It only appears in the home computer versions.


The technological part with elevators and ventilation tubes where many traps and flying anoying enemies await. Bazoon awaits in the end of this area. It only appears in the home computer versions.

Final roomEdit

The room where Toe awaits the player, strangely filled with trees and plants. It only appears in the PCE-CD version.

Bone CorridorEdit

Main article: Bone Corridor


Megas's castle appeared in all the versions of Valis II as the fifth stage/act.


Valis IIEdit

  • Bazoon (home computer versions only)
  • Toe ( PCE-CD version only)



  • The background music track used for this level in the home computer versions, named "Rock and roll Cindirellla", is one of the most famous tracks from the series.
  • This is the only level of Valis II that wasn't present in Valis SD.

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