Megas's hideout
Megas's hideout in the SX68 version of Valis II


Dark World


Valis II (MSX2, PC-88/98 and SX68 versions only)

Megas's hideout is a location from the Valis series.


Megas's final hideout where he goes after being damaged by Reiko during the events of Valis II. A dark road into the mountains and rocks covered with a shadow red sky and guarded by the last of Megas's beasts with Megas himself waiting at the end.


First partEdit

The entrance to the hideout, with a tunnel like form and some spark enemies. Ajie waits at the end of this area.

Second partEdit

A more open part with almost the same enemies. Kilbayd waits at the end of this area.

Final partEdit

A totally open part with faster enemies and a bottomless abyss below. Megas waits in the final platform.


Megas's hideout appeared only in the home computer versions of Valis II as the sixth level/act in all of them.


Valis IIEdit



  • This level is the only one in the entire series to have three background music themes, one for each part of the level. Respectively, they are "Against black shadow" for part 1, "Tears in battle" for part two and "Aura of evil" for part three.
  • This level was replaced by the Bone Corridor in the PCE-CD version of Valis II.