Megas's lands
Megas's lands in the PCE-CD version of Valis II


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Megas's lands is a location of the Valis series.


Megas's exterior domains. In the PCE-CD version, it's filled with his lethal beasts and guards in narrow passages. The home computer versions show it as a two part area, a cave filled with some technology and obstacles to prevent the advance of the player and an exterior area where many enemies and Haizen waits. In Valis SD, it's a more open and clear area. The guards and enemies are still there and there are also pits.


Entrance caveEdit

The cave that marks the beginning of Megas's territory. It has many metallic constructions and obstacles. It's exclusive to the home computer versions.

Outside areaEdit

The place where Haizen waits Yuuko to fight. It's exclusive to the home computer versions.


Megas's lands appeared in all the versions of Valis II and Valis SD as the fourth act/stage.


Valis IIEdit

Valis SDEdit



  • This level, along with the final one, are the only ones where the gameplay turns to a side-scrolling shooter-like one (only in the home computer versions).
  • Also, this is the only level where, if the player gets stuck in a wall for too much time, Yuuko dies instantly due to the screen's advancing.
  • In Valis SD, Megas's lands resemble Vanity's outlands from Valis III.

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