This is a list of minor characters that appear in the Valis series and have little to no relevance to the story.

Human worldEdit

Yuuko's motherEdit

Yuuko's mother from the human world. She lives with Yuuko in her house and possibly adopted her (as Yuuko is biologically Valia's daughter). Her face is never shown and it's unknown if she has a husband. Yuuko seems to get along with her. She only appears seen from back in the opening cutscene of the PCE-CD version of Valis I.


Many student girls that are Yuuko's classmates. She seems to have some friends there as she talks with them and gives greetings. Some of them appear in the Famicom trailer of Valis I. In the opening cutscene from both the MD/Genesis version and the PCE-CD version of Valis I, they are shown running from the rain. In the one-shot manga of Valis SD, a schoolgirl greets Yuuko.


A little puppy that symphathizes with Yuuko. It only appears in the opening and ending cutscenes from the PCE-CD version of Valis I.

Dream worldEdit

Vanity citizensEdit

Many citizens from Vanity that appear in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I giving tips to Yuuko.

Vanity soldiersEdit

The soldiers from Vecanti's military forces. They appear in Valis III beaten by Glames's army. Some of them escaped to the outsides of Vanity to plan a counterattack while some others appear captured as prisoners by Kolilanba in the Gall's tower along with Valna.

Vanity's resistanceEdit


Lena and the resistance in Valis IV

The resistance lead by Cham to fight against Galgear's forces in Valis IV.

Small peopleEdit

Small villagers that appear in Babylon's area in Valis IV giving tips to the characters. They appear in many poses.

Siren's Labyrinth statuesEdit

The statues that appear in the Siren's Labyrinth in Valis IV when Lena had to pass Yuuko's test in order to become the new Valis warrior.

Juda and Valia's servantsEdit

Juda is the leader of Valia's servants during the events of Valis II. She seems to be Valia's sidewoman and informer. She is notably different from the other servants due to being the thinnest, tallest and oldest of the three. In the MSX2, PC-88/98 and SX68 versions of Valis II, she and the other servants help Valia to improve a defense system against Megas's Vecanta Cannon, while in the PCE-CD/PCE-CD version, she escapes from the castle to tell Yuuko about the invasion of Megas's army to the Vanity castle and after their retreat, she tells Yuuko the truth about Valia (after her death) and Valna. It's presumed that she along with all the servants continued helping Valna (who became the new queen) in subsequent games. Curiously, in the home computer versions of Valis II, her skin is beige colored with blue eyes and grey hair and she wears purple clothes, while in the console version she has pink hair, pale pink skin, yellow eyes and white clothes. The rest of the servants share the same traits with her. Strangely, they don't appear in Valis SD/Syd of Valis.

Unknown warriorsEdit

A man and a woman apparently from the Dream world that appeared in the opening cutscene of Valis III's PCE-CD/TGCD version fighting against many monsters. They were apparently former wielders of the Valis (woman) and Leethus (man) swords. They have no dialogue and their names are also unknown, but the woman was named Seanna by many fans. This woman bears a vague resemblance to a younger version of Valia, meaning that it was possibly Valia herself in the past long before the time she gave the Valis sword to Yuuko.

Dark worldEdit

Unnamed SoldierEdit

One of Megas's soldiers in the home computer versions of Valis II, he informs Baluf about some events. He died along with all of his fellows during the Vecanta Cannon's explosion.


Kaiza as a dark silhouete in the back of the image from the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II


Rogles and Megas's father. Also known as King Kaiza or King Kaiser, although he was only shown as a dark silhouette in an image from Megas's flashback, he was repeatedly mentioned by Megas in his flashback from the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II. Kaiza was a former king of Vecanti. Megas was supposed to inherit his throne, but Kaiza conspired with Rogles to avert Megas's ascension to the throne and banished him to a dimensional prison. Kaiza's fate is unknown but he is presumed to be dead as Rogles was king of Vecanti before and throughout the first game's events.


A mini-boss from Valis SD. He is nicknamed as the Red-thunder dragon and is a member of Megas's army.

Baron Lada and his assistantEdit

Baron Lada was Cham's father. He was opposed to Glames's imperialistic ideals along with many other people. He and his assistant appeared in the opening cutscene of Valis III trying to dialogue with Glames, but he ignored their words and killed them afterwards.


The messenger talking to Cham.


An unnamed male elf from Baron Lada's faction. He appears only in Valis III's hidden opening scene where he gives Cham the news about his father's death at the hands of Glames. He also communicated her father's last will of searching for the Valis sword. He is never seen again afterwards.


Some gravekeepers that appear in the Dark world's cemetery in Valis III giving warnings to the characters.

Iceland citizensEdit

Some regular people that appear in the Dark world's Iceland area in Valis III giving warnings to the characters. They have pale blue skin.

Manga charactersEdit


0015 Delfina
(でるふぃな, Derufina) A woman from the dream world that appears only in the Mugen Senshi Valis manga by ZOL. She first appears searching for Venon to kill him. At first she doesn't seem to get along with Yuuko but after defeating Venon with her help and having her life saved by the Valis warrior, they became friends, thus helping Yuuko in her crusade against Rogles. Her main weapon is a katana sword.

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