The Suguroku '92: Nariagari Trendy
Nariagari Trendy's box cover.


Shin-Nihon Laser Soft

Bandai (Mobile Phone version only)


Telenet Japan

Platform(s)-Release date(s):

PC Engine-CD - 1992


Board Game

The Suguroku '92: Nariagari Trendy, also known simply as Nariagari Trendy or Nari Tore, is a crossover board game featuring characters from series of Shin-Nihon Laser Soft and Telenet Japan, mostly the ones from the Cosmic Fantasy series, although Yuuko Asou from the Valis series also appears as a playable character.


The game is based, as its name says, in the Suguroku, a Japanese board game similar to Monopoly/Life where up to 4 characters controlled either by players and/or the computer must get as many money and points as they can in certain scenarios. As in most board games, the player must move according to the indicated dice number, though here it's a Japanese lottery roulette the one that shows numbers randomly depending on the sphere that falls.

Most squares are normal but others also have mini-games, teletransporting, special areas and bonus features (throwing the dice once again, etc.) or adverse effects (like loosing money and/or items). Also when crossing paths with other characters in the same square, competitive mini-games are triggered, in which the winner may take a random item/money quantity from the looser depending on the mini-game. The money can be used to buy items to Nyan the cat (also from Cosmic Fantasy) in some squares.



  • Although the game was only released in Japan, its cover was recycled by Renovation Products to make the American cover of Valis SD.
  • All the characters appear in formal clothing and Super Deformed style, their formal clothes colour also references their original clothes color palette.
  • Reiko Kirishima makes a cameo appearance in a mini-game.

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