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Arihiro Masuda

Nornil (のるにる, Noruniru) is a character from the Valis series and one of the bosses in all versions of Valis IV.


Valis IVEdit

Nornil is one of Valhalla's guardians along with the Babylon guardian. He/She guards the final part of the Valhalla's road just before the Syren's labyrinth where Yuuko is. He/She confronted Lena, Amu and Asfal when they arrived there but was defeated. It's presumed that he/she survived though his/her destiny is still unclear.

Super Valis IVEdit

Nornil's background is radically changed in the Super Famicom/SNES version of the game. Here, he/she is only another one of Galgear's henchmen dominating the Babylon's area. Lena confronted him/her when trying to approach Valhalla. Like with his/her PCE-CD counterpart, Lena successfully defeated him/her.


In Valis IV, Nornil is shown to be a faithful guardian of Valhalla and always willing to protect such place (and Yuuko) with his/her own life. He/she also likes to test his opponents's strength to evaluate if they have the right to enter to the celestial domains or not.


Valis IVEdit

In his/her first form, Nornil has a centaur-like appearance. Here he/she can attack by charging against his/her enemies with his/her lance in many ways. In his/her second form (a harpy-like form), he/she will fly and dive toward his/her opponents to attack and also shoot energy rings.

Super Valis IVEdit

Nornil's first form in this game is that of a statue. He/she stands without moving and attacks by shooting multiple energy balls at different heights. His/her second form remains with the same skills of that from his/her PCE-CD counterpart. In his/her third form, he/she transforms into a siren and attacks his enemies shooting the aforementioned energy balls towards them and sometimes merges to the surface (where he/she becomes vulnerable) and also attacks there in the same manner.


Nornil appears in both the PCE-CD and the Super Famicom/SNES version of Valis IV, having different roles between them. While in the first version he/she is a Valhalla's guardian, in the second one he/she is one of Galgear's subordinated and has some different forms in battle. Although his/her position as the third boss in the game remains the same for both versions.



  • Although Nornil's voice and first form in Valis IV (PCE-CD) is male, his/her second form is shown to be that of a female harpy, thus it being unknown if Nornil is actually male or female as it was never stated officially.
  • Nornil's second form has a vague resemblance to Geeva from Valis I, although it's questionable if they are from the same species as Nornil has many forms.
  • Nornil is the only one character from the game to change his/her role between versions.
  • Nornil is the only character apart from Galgear himself to have more than one form in Valis IV.
    • Although in Super Valis IV, Nornil is the boss with most forms in the entire game, even more than Galgear himself.