Pajama suit
Yuuko pijama suit
Yuuko in her pijamas as seen in the Sharp X68000 version of Valis II


Max HP: 10

Damage: -00%

Max Jewel Points: 00


Yuuko Asou


Valis I

Valis II

Valis III

Valis Visual Collection

Valis Complete/Plus

The Pajama Suit is a suit that Yuuko Asou wears throughout the Valis series' games.


As their name implies, these are the clothes that Yuuko wears to sleep. Although they have no relevance to the plot, Yuuko starts most of the games either with this or the Sailor school uniform suit before obtaining the Valis armor once again.


The Pajama suit appears briefly in the opening cutscene of the PCE-CD version of Valis I . It appeared also in the MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp X68000 of Valis II during the opening cutscene and as the default suit from the start of the game along with the Sailor school uniform and the Blazer school uniform. Its last appearance is in Valis III during the opening cutscene and it is briefly playable during the starting part of the game.



  • The color and appearance of the pajama suit have varied in every game. While in Valis I it's cyan, in Valis II it's shown as white in the menu screen but as clear blue in-game, and in Valis III it has a bright pink color. This may mean that Yuuko has worn more than one pair of pajamas throughout the series.