Reddish moon
The Reddish moon's panoramic view in Valis IV


Unspecified (Probably Human or Dark world)


Valis IV/Super Valis IV

Also known as:

Red moon, Death moon

The Reddish moon is a location of the Valis series.


Galgear's main operation base and the symbol of his ring's power that only appears when he summons it. Only accessible via teletransportation, the moon itself is a trapped lair, starting from the pits, moving platforms that can disappear and spikes while Galgear's strongest soldiers guard the interior of the moon.


Moon's interior hallEdit

The Reddish moon's interior passages. While in Valis IV It shows to be a technological red crystal area, in Super Valis IV, it's shown as a purple crystallized place (somehow resembling the Upper Crystal pillar).

Galgear's labEdit

Main article: Galgear's lab


The Reddish moon appeared in all the versions of Valis IV, being the penultimate level/act in all the versions regardless of its order (eighth in Valis IV and sixth in Super Valis IV).


Valis IVEdit

Super Valis IVEdit



  • The Reddish moon can be contemplated from both the Human world and the Dream world, making its location world undefined. It could be also a leftover of the Dark world as it existed when Galgear was imprisoned.
  • In the ending of all versions of Valis IV, the Reddish moon turns its color into a standard white-greenish moon, symbolizing the disappearance of the Evil essence possessing Galgear's ring.
  • Also, in Super Valis IV's ending, it's stated that Lena's next adventure will be in the newly formed moon although, to this date, there hasn't been created any chronological sequel to Valis IV/Super Valis IV.

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