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Renovation Products Inc. was the North American subsidiary for Telenet Japan. They published and localized many of the games from Telenet Japan and its subsidiaries for North America, but they never actually developed any games. They most often published games by Telenet Japan's Wolf Team subsidiary, but published a few games from other developers, notably the Genesis port of Data East's Vapor Trail and the US release of Sega's Gain Ground.

This publishing label was acquired by Sega in 1993.


  • Arcus Odyssey
  • Arrow Flash
  • Beast Wrestler
  • Cobra Command
  • Dino Land
  • Doomsday Warrior
  • Earnest Evans
  • Elemental Master
  • El Viento
  • Exile
  • Final Zone
  • Gaiares
  • Gain Ground
  • The Journey Home: Quest for the Throne (cancelled)
  • Master of Monsters
  • Revenge of the Ninja
  • Road Avenger
  • Sol-Feace
  • Time Gal
  • Traysia
  • Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation
  • Whip Rush
  • Ys III: Wanderers from Ys


  • Renovation Products must not be confused with Renovation Games, the former name of another subsidiary of Telenet.

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