Rogles's castle
Rogles's castle view from the PCE-CD version of Valis I


Dark world (Dream world in the FC/NES version of Valis I)


Valis I

Also known as:

Logless castle, Rogles's keep

Rogles's castle is a location of the Valis series.


As its name implies, it's Rogles's main fortress and home, guarded by the strongest soldiers of his army and deadly traps. While in some versions of Valis I it's a short level, in other versions it can take two levels.



The first part of the castle where most of the traps are found. In the home computer versions of Valis I (except the MSX one), it's guarded by War Deborra.


Only present in the PCE-CD version. As its name implies, it's an elevator that serves in such version of the game to access to the top part of Rogles's castle but its way is filled by guards that attack the intruders who take the elevator.


The final part of the castle, once again with guardians, traps and now bottomless pits, with Rogles's main room at the end.


Rogles's castle appears in all the versions of Valis I as its last level regardless of stage ordering. In the MSX version, it represents the fifth level. In the rest of the home computer versions the castle is divided in two levels being the first one the basement (Act 9) and the second one the top (Act 10). In the Famicom/NES version, it's the sixth area in the game only accessible by defeating all the previous bosses and taking their Phantasm Jewels. In the Mega Drive/Genesis and PC-Engine CD versions, it represents the seventh stage.


Valis IEdit



  • Rogles's castle is the only enemy fortress with a medieval style on it; the rest of them (Megas's castle, Glames's tower and Galgear's lab) have a technological appearance.
  • Rogles's castle's background music track in the FC/NES version of Valis I is "Danger Zone" used in the home computer versions as a signature of the player having a low life bar.
  • In the home computer versions, it uses the "The Wilderness" track and the basement uses the "Death whisper" track. In the MD/Genesis version it uses the "Death whisper" track also and in the PCE-CD version, it uses the "Cellular tissue" track.
  • In the MD/Genesis version, it's the only level that uses the "Death whisper" track.
  • Rogles's castle is only seen from outside in the FC/NES version and PCE-CD version of Valis I.