Ruins area
The Ruins in the MD/Genesis version of Valis I


Dark world


Valis I (MD/Genesis and PCE-CD versions only)

The Ruins area is a location of the Valis series.


An area covered by old buildings with many passages and Rogles's soldiers guarding the place. In the depths of this ruins is located the road to Rogles's castle, guarded by his most fierce general, Voldes.


Underground arenaEdit

The final part of this area and the place where Yuuko fights against Voldes.


The Ruins area only appeared in the Mega Drive/Genesis and PC Engine-CD versions of Valis I as the fifth stage in both, also preceding the Dark forest.


Valis IEdit



  • The Ruins area uses the "Cellular Tissue" track as its background music in the MD/Genesis version.
  • The Ruins area is the only level in the PCE-CD version to have an exclusive background music track from such version.

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