Sharp X1
Sharp x1 normal 1
A X1 computer.


Home computer

Release date:




Operating system:



Sharp Z80 A


64 KB RAM, 4-48KB Video RAM, 6KB ROM

The X1 (エックスワン Ekkusuwan), sometimes called the Sharp X1, is a series of home computers released by Sharp Corporation's Television Division from 1982 to 1988. It was based on a Z80 CPU. It was released only in Japan and though it had many higher capacities than NEC's PC-98, it was surpassed by its rival in terms of sales.


In certain terms, the Sharp X1 was quite ahead from computers of its time. Designed as an innovative multimedia system which could work with TV and video, the X1's RGB display monitor had a television tuner, and a computer screen could be super-imposed on TV. All the TV functions could be controlled from a computer program thus allowing to watch TV and reproduce video in the same system. The character font was completely programmable (A.K.A. PCG) with 4bit color, and it was effectively used into a lot of games. The entirety of the VRAM memory was mapped on to the I/O area, so it was controlled without bank change. Since X1 had these features, it was very powerful for game software.

Although it has some characteristics of the MZ-2000 computer (its predecessor), the Sharp X1 isn't compatible with It.

The Sharp X1 known official models are: Sharp X1, Sharp X1 Turbo, Sharp X1 Turbo Z and Sharp X1 Twin (this one has a PC-Engine console incorporated).


At the time the original X1 was released, all other home computers generally had a BASIC language in ROM. However the X1 did not have a BASIC ROM, and it had to load the Hu-BASIC interpreter from a cassette tape. On the plus side however, this concept meant that a free RAM area was available that was as big as possible when not using BASIC. This policy was originally copied from the Sharp MZ series, and they were called clean computers in Japan.

Some of the most famous games for the computer are: Mugen Senshi Valis, Ys I & II, Super Mario Bros. Special, Megami Tensei, Xanadu, Space Harrier and Hokuto no Ken.


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