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Nizetti's temple

Sutherland (すうたらんど, Suutarando) is a location from the Valis series.


Located almost in the southern limits of Vanity, Sutherland is an ancient greek-like city possibly in ruins except for the Nirvan temple. This city is filled with water currents leading to many traps and hard obstacles and mazes to prevent intruders from reaching its main construction, the Nirvan's temple, home of the old wiseman Nizetti. Only the brave and noble hearted ones should overcome the obstacles and tests set by the ruler of Sutherland. During the events of Valis III, Yuuko and her allies must pass through this place to reach the temple and ask Nizetti to give her the full power of the Valis sword.


Bells roomEdit

The justice, truth and bravery bells room marks the entrance to the Nirvan's temple. They are hard to reach and must be hit many times in order for each one to chime. Many guarder armors also protect the way to the bells.

Nirvan's templeEdit

Main article: Nirvan's temple


Sutherland appeared in all versions of Valis III, being the fifth stage in the PCE-CD/TGCD version and part of the fourth stage in the Mega Drive/Genesis version.

Sutherland reappears surprisingly in Valis IV (PCE-CD) as the second extra act in the hard mode after completing the first one, this time visited by Lena Brande and her allies, although some parts were modified and/or removed.


Valis IIIEdit

Valis IVEdit



  • Sutherland is considered one of the most frustrating and hardest levels in the Valis series.
  • In the MD/Genesis version, the buildings of Sutherland are coloured with a brighter blue than in the PCE-CD/TGCD version.
  • In the MD/Genesis version, Sutherland represents only a half of the fourth stage and It was cut only to the bells room.
  • In the PCE-CD/TGCD version, Sutherland's background music is the same one used for Tokyo city in the same game ( "Ningenkai").
  • In the MD/Genesis version, the theme used for Sutherland is the same used for the waterfalls of Vanity's outlands from the PCE-CD/TGCD version of the game. In the first mentioned version, the track was given the name of "Sutherland", a similar case happens with Gall's Tower.
  • In the MD/Genesis version, the platforms in the Bell's room move slower than in the PCE-CD/TGCD version and the enemies also appear in less numbers than in such version, making this part a lot easier to complete.

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