The Swamp as seen in the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis II


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Valis II

Valis SD

Also known as:

Gillian's hideout

The Swamp is the name given to the location of the Valis series appeared in Valis II.


A dark and deep swamp full of many black woods and bottomless pits. It's one of the outsider areas from Vecanti and serves as Yuuko's main entrance to this kingdom and Gillian's hideout during the events of Valis II.


Lower swampEdit

The entrance to the swamp and its darkest side. It's full of enemies and pits. The range of vision here is highly reduced due to these characteristics.

Upper swampEdit

The upper part of the swamp presents a panoramic view of the Swamp's whereabouts and the Castle Vanity. It has many big animal skulls and usually cloudy weather. Here is where most of the bosses from this area are encountered in every version.


The swamp appeared in all versions of Valis II and Valis SD, being the second stage and the first place of the Dream world visited by Yuuko in all of them.


Valis IIEdit

  • Sondern (MSX2, PC-88/98 and SX68 versions only)
  • Gillian (PCE-CD/TGCD version only)

Valis SD/Syd of ValisEdit



  • The swamp is, along with Megas's castle, the only area to have different bosses between the home computer and the console versions of Valis II.
  • In Valis SD/Syd of Valis, the lower swamp has many spiked peaks on its roof, although hitting them will not decrease Yuuko's health.
  • Valis SD/Syd of Valis is the only game to present a mini-boss in the swamp, Necrodepto.