Telenet Japan
Telenet's logo first used in 1992


Tokyo, Japan

Head People:

Kazuyuki Fukushima





Also Known as:

Nihon Telenet, Nippon Telenet

Telenet Japan Co., Ltd. (株式会社日本テレネット Kabushiki-gaisha Nihon Terenetto?) was a Japanese video games and software developer founded in October 1983 by Kazuyuki Fukushima. Responsible of the birth and death of the Valis series and many other game series.


Their first game was a single racing game called American Truck for the home computers MSX and PC-88. It started developing mostly platformer and RPG games for such systems and the success of some of them lead consequently to console adaptions. They were allied with NEC thus releasing most of their games for the PC-Engine CD/Turbografx-CD and later for Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis; thus some of them arrived in America, although most of them remained in Japan. This lead to the foundation of their American Publisher, Renovation Games, which years after was acquired by Sega. Other known subsidiaries of Telenet were Riot, Wolfteam and Shin Nihon Laser Soft.

Through the years after the 90s most of Telenet Japan's games were ports of other common games with poor quality that didn't sell too much leading the company to a crisis where it was decided to resurrect the Valis series and Arcus series by giving their rights to Eants in order to make adult themed visual novels with the characters of such series and save the company. But nothing went as planned and finally the company closed its doors in 2007.

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  • Although most of its games were never released officially/translated in America, it still won the devotion of a select group of American cultists.
  • Telenet's entire game catalog was acquired by Sunsoft in 2009, years after Telenet's shutdown.
  • It's unknown why Telenet stopped making games of their most known franchises until its economical crisis in 2006.

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