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Tokyo's prefecture (東京, Tōkyō) is a location from the Valis series in the Human world.


Tokyo is a city in the real world and Japan's capital. It's Yuuko's hometown for the majority of the series, and because of this is also the target of invasion of the main antagonists of the series, who are searching for her or for the Valis sword.


Tokyo's townEdit

The town area that surrounds the main city area. It's less urbanized and contains many houses. It's the location of Yuuko's house and school, as well as a sewer area.

Tokyo's cityEdit

The main city area. Here is where the Dark world's invaders concentrate in most cases. In this area are located the train station and another sewer area. To the north bay is also the Crystal Pillar where Galgear rested until Valis IV.


Tokyo's prefecture appeared in all Valis games except for Super Valis IV. In Valis I's first versions (MSX, PC-88/98, FM-77 and Sharp X1) the town area represents the first stage while the city area represents the second one (except for the MSX), but in the MD/Genesis and PCE-CD versions, the town stage is absent and the city stage is the only one that takes place in Tokyo, and thus the first. In Valis II and III, it remains as the first stage in all versions. In Valis IV It appears as the fifth stage only in the PCE-CD version, being absent in Super Valis IV.


Valis IEdit

  • Duzzdull (MSX, PC-88/98, FM-77 and Sharp X1)
  • Deborra (MSX, PC-88/98, FM-77 and Sharp X1)
  • Gyeda (MD/Genesis and PCE-CD)

Valis IIEdit

Valis IIIEdit

Valis IVEdit



  • Tokyo is the first stage's location for all the games except for Valis IV, where It's the fifth one.
  • Tokyo's city appeared in all Valis games except for Super Valis IV.
  • Tokyo's city is the only location from the Valis series that is based on a real location (the homonim city).
  • In the city's background of The MD/Genesis and PCE-CD/TGCD versions of Valis I, Valis III and in Valis SD, there are many advertising posters of Renovation, Telenet, Riot, NEC and I.S.C. in many buildings.
  • In a background of the city in Valis IV, a cameo appearance of Gamera and Ultraman can be spotted.