Ultimate Valis armor
Yuuko ultimate suit
Yuuko wearing her Ultimate Valis armor as seen in the Sharp X68000 version of Valis II


Max HP: 72

Damage: -50%

Max Jewel Points: 75


Yuuko Asou


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The Ultimate Valis armor is a suit that Yuuko Asou wears in the Valis series.


The final and most powerful form of the Valis armor, only manifested under certain circumstances. Its appearance is slightly different from its original form in most cases. Its attributes are always the highest of all the armors and Yuuko wears it mostly toward the end of every game.


The Ultimate Valis armor appeared for the first time in the home computer versions of Valis II, being the final armor Yuuko wears. It manifested when Reiko gave Yuuko the final Fantasm Jewel and she put it on her forehead. Its physical appearance was that of a short white dress with black and golden breasts, a golden belt and bracers and white boots.

It appeared once again in Valis III when Nizetti unlocked this form of the armor after Yuuko, Valna and Cham went to his sanctuary to ask him to do so. This time, its physical appearance was that of a silver armor with red borders and yellow details. It also has a white dress, a horned tiara and a green gem in the belt.



  • The reason why the appearance of the Ultimate Valis armor differs considerably from Valis II to Valis III is unknown; this may be because of their stories having some differences, thus maybe being in different continuities.
  • The reasons why Nizetti can activate this form of the Valis armor were never disclosed, but fans speculate about him being the creator or one of the creators of the armor.
  • Despite being the current Valis warrior, Lena Brande has yet to obtain her version of the Ultimate Valis armor.