Valis Visual Collection
Valis Visual Collection's Title screen


Shin-nihon Laser Soft


Telenet Japan

Platform(s)-Release date(s):

PC-Engine CD - 1991

Valis Visual Collection is a compilation CD from the Valis series only released in Japan on 1991.


The CD contains all the animated cutscenes from Valis II to IV (since the Valis I version for PC-Engine CD wasn't made yet). As a compilation disk, it doesn't contain any gameplay elements.



  • This is the second CD with a compilation of games cutscenes made by Telenet that year. The first one was from another series called Cosmic Fantasy, also created by Telenet.
  • This CD was launched before the Valis I version for PCE-CD was released, thus not having any visual cutscenes from the first game.

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