Valis offense armor
Yuuko offense suit
Yuuko in her Valis offense armor as seen in the Sharp X68000 version of Valis II


Max HP: 45

Damage: -00%

Max Jewel Points: 75


Yuuko Asou


Valis II (MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp X68000 versions only)

The Valis offense armor, is a suite that Yuuko Asou uses in the MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp X68000 versions of Valis II.


An upgraded variation of the Valis armor colored in red with some new details. As It namesake implies (although not stated in the status from the game), It rises Its wearer's attack and HP too.


The Valis offense armor only appeared in the MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp X68000 versions of Valis II being the fifth suit avaliable for Yuuko to wear in the game. Although It doesn't have any relevance in the story, It's one of the strongest armors avaliable in the game until Yuuko gets the Ultimate Valis armor.


  • The Leethus armor that Yuuko wears in the PCE-CD version of Valis II resembles the Valis offense armor.

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