Valis sword
Valissword-Valis III
The Valis sword as seen in the Opening cutscene of Valis III's PC-Engine CD/Turbografx-CD version


unknown (probably Valia)

Weapon type:




Valis I

Valis II

Valis SD

Valis III

Valis IV/Super Valis IV

Valis Visual Collection

Valis X

Valis Complete/Plus

Also known as:

Varis sword, the flashing sword

The Valis sword (ヴぁりす すをおど, Varisu suwōdo) is a weapon of the Valis series, and the one that gives its name to the franchise.

Description and historyEdit

A slim long rapier sword with a golden handle incrusted with a gem.

The Valis sword was created long ago by an unknown entity (probably Valia or Nizetti) along with the Leethus sword to protect the three worlds from the evil entities that wanted to bring them into chaos. The Valis sword is inherited every generation to a different successor, known as the Valis warriors, all of whom have been women to date. The destiny of Its wielder is to use the sword for the aforementioned duties, through It's noted that the destiny of those who carry out such work is filled with despair, sadness and pain.


The Valis sword, as any sword, can be used to damage adversaries by cutting them, but can also be upgraded to fire different types of projectiles. Also, by combining it with the energy of the Fantasm Jewels, many different spells can be cast by Its user. The Valis sword also grants the Valis armor to its user, and depending on its power, the armor will be upgraded until reaching Its ultimate form.


The Valis sword appeared in all of the games and other media adaptions of the series with the role of being the main weapon of the protagonist in them.




  • The Valis sword is the most recurrent weapon in the series and the one with most known wielders along with the Leethus sword.
  • The Valis sword's gem incrusted on Its handle varies of color between artworks, being red in some artworks and blue in some others.
  • The Valis sword had many variants in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I.
  • In the cover of the doujin Valis Gaiden where Lena is featured, the Valis sword appears broken.
  • There is a posibility of nullify the Valis sword's power, through the only one that made such thing so far was Izard in the 2008 manga.

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