Vanity city
Vanity's city from the NES/Famicom trailer of Valis I


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Valis I (NES/Famicom version only)

Valis IV/Super Valis IV

Vanity city is a location from the Valis series and Vanity's kingdom's central area.


The city where most of Vanity's kingdom inhabitants live. It has a medieval-like design with many buildings of different sizes and for different purposes making the city as big as it is. They surround the Vanity castle located on its center. Although the defense forces of Vanity's army constantly surrounds the city, its safety is almost always in jeopardy until the Valis warrior's intervention. A good example is that the city was destroyed once by Galgear when Yuuko wasn't the Valis warrior anymore and didn't have any successor during that time.


City's exitEdit

An exit passage leading to the ruins area in the NES/Famicom version of Valis I. It has no buildings on It. This place is where Yuuko fights against Mezaark.

Resistance hideoutEdit

The building where the citizens of Vanity hid to resist Galgear's domination leaded by Cham during the events of Valis IV.


Vanity's city appeared in the NES/Famicom version of Valis I as the second area, and the first one from the Dream world that the player visits. The city didn't reappear until Valis IV where it represents the first stage for all of Valis IV's versions.


Valis IEdit

  • Mezaark (NES/Famicom version only)

Valis VIEdit



  • Although Vanity castle is in the center of the city, Yuuko visited there more than the city itself.
  • Vanity city's medieval design from the Famicom/NES version of Valis I is still retained in all the versions of Valis IV, although it's shown destroyed.
  • In the PCE-CD version of Valis IV, the city forms part of the first act/stage along with Vanity castle while in Super Valis IV they form separated levels.