Vecanta Cannon
The Vecanta Cannon in the SX68 version of Valis II



Weapon type:



Valis II (home computer versions only)

Valis X

Also known as:

Vakanty Cannon

The Vecanta Cannon (べかんた かのん, bekanta kanon) is a weapon of the Valis series.

Description and historyEdit

A giant three-headed cannon with a monstrous appearance set in a pillar of Megas's castle, it's potentiated by the Fantasm Jewels.

Created by Megas shortly before the events of Valis II, this cannon had the objective of destroying Castle Vanity and capture Valia, but it needed the power of a Fantasm jewel in order to work successfully. As the first six Fantasm Jewels were in Valia's power, Megas decided to use the seventh and last one to reach his goal. This jewel was in power of Gaias, so Megas sent Haizen to take It from him. Haizen accomplished his mission successfully and handled the jewel to his master, who used It to capture Valia, but she resisted. So Megas ordered the cannon to be overloaded if necessary to fulfill his objective. The cannon overloaded and exploded taking most of his own men and part of his castle with It, but finally brought a defenseless Valia to Megas's evil hands.


The Vecanta Cannon has enough power to destroy considerably large areas and also capture people as it did with Valia, though it's power is limited, which is proved by the overload it suffered with the Fantasm Jewel.


The Vecanta Cannon appeared in the home computer (MSX2, PC-88/98 and Sharp X68000) versions of Valis II as Megas's main weapon to capture Valia and destroy Vanity. It also appeared in Valis X apparently with the same purposes as in its original appearance.



  • The Vecanta Cannon is probably the largest weapon in the entire series.
  • The Vecanta Cannon receives its name from the negative energy it uses, mentioned before in Valis I.
  • The Vecanta Cannon is a subject of jokes among fans because of its resemblance to a giant electrical shaver.