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Valis I (Genesis and PCE-CD versions only)

Valis Complete/Plus

Other appearance(s):

Mugen senshi Valis (manga,2008)

The Valis world (artbook)



Origin world

Dark world

Also known as

Hydra, Vordes, Lord of thunder

Voldes ( ぼるです, Borudesu) is a character from the Valis series and a member of the Rogles's army in the Mega Drive/Genesis and PC-Engine CD versions of Valis I.


Voldes was recruited by Rogles long time before the events of the first game.

During the events of Valis I (MD/ Genesis and PCE-CD version), Rogles gave Voldes a phantasm jewel and sent him to guard the Ruins area. Voldes followed his orders and eventually had to fight Yuuko as all the generals did. In the end he was killed by the Valis warrior who also took his phantasm jewel.


Although having an intimidating and fierce appearance, Voldes is calm and reflective. He is possibly Rogles's most intelligent general and one of the most powerful. He is feared by many inhabitants of the Dark world and is truly planning to become the new ruler of his world, but unlike Venon, he waits patiently to Rogles's fall in hands of his opponents.


As the lord of thunder, Voldes can spit static shots from his mouths and also invoke thunder. His mouth can make strong bites to his opponents. He can also use his heads as hammers in the MD/Genesis version. In the PCE-CD version he can also breathe big fire balls.

In the manga he was shown to be capable of flying.


Voldes appears in the MD/Genesis and PCE-CD versions of Valis I as the fifth boss guarding the Ruins area.

He also appears in the Mugen Senshi Valis manga by ZOL where he rescues Reiko from the havoc made by Venon and his monsters when he invaded the city searching for Yuuko. They seem to get along as Voldes talks her in a friendly manner.



  • Although Voldes is described as calm and wise in the manuals, his attitude in game is more likely that of a beast. He even growls in the PCE-CD version.
  • Voldes is also the only one of Rogles's generals that doesn't have any voice or text dialogue in the entire game.
  • The only time Voldes is seen talking is in the manga.
  • Voldes's fight is the most differentiated boss fight between the MD/Genesis version and the PCE-CD version. In the first version the player fights against Voldes on his back while he tries to attack from the right side, while in the PCE-CD version his body is positioned in the background and his heads are in the upper part of the screen.

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